"Whoever saves a life, it is considered as if he saved an entire world"

Rabbi Grossman Enterprises represents and combines all the educational and charitable institutions founded, built and realized by the winner of the Israel Prize, Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman

מגדל אור

Migdal Ohr is a network of schools that has been providing an educational framework for thousands of at-risk children, from infancy until adulthood, for over 40 years. Migdal Ohr institutions teach, every day, thousands of children from across the spectrum of Israel’s population in dozens of day-care centers, kindergartens, grade schools, junior high and high schools, religious seminaries for girls and for boys (separate) and vocational and academic schools.

The children of Migdal Ohr benefit from individual attention and education for values which provides them a firm foundation for a new life of creativity and contribution to society and the state.

The Zoharim Educational Therapy Youth Village was established to accept youth from the ultra-orthodox community, between the ages of 14 – 18, who are unable to find their place in regular ultra-orthodox educational frameworks. 

Students at the Zoharim Youth Village learn practical professions such as carpentry, agriculture, therapeutic horseback riding and also benefit from an education fostering values and a rich curriculum adapted to their needs and background. The village’s caring and nurturing staff prepare the youth for their matriculation examinations, military service and to build their future lives whilst choosing a life style that is suitable for them – ideological, spiritual and professional.

An academic campus and employment placement center for the ultra-orthodox community. 

The campus, covering some nine acres, is located in a green, quiet and pastoral environment in the heart of the town of Gan Yavne. It offers varied educational frameworks, all of first class academic and religious standards.  The campus’s unique educational programs provide young men and women from the ultra-orthodox community an equal opportunity to earn an prestigious academic degree as a step towards integration into the work market.

Israeli youth movement which imparts Jewish values and traditions to youth across the country. Today the movement has 120 branches with activities encompassing more than 8,000 young people. The movement’s guiding principal and the basis of its activities with young boys and girls is: “Proper behavior precedes the Torah”. Or, in other words, learning and putting into practice the basic values of Judaism by which every person, whatever their position, should behave.

Chag Saveah for the Children is a national campaign to distribute food packages to the needy which is held every year on Rosh Hashanah and Passover. It started in 2003 when food packages were distributed to approximately 500 families. With time it has expanded to tens of thousands of food packages which reach needy families. The operation is jointly led by thousands of pupils from the Migdal Ohr, Israeli soldiers from the Paratrooper unit, leading companies and thousands more volunteers.

Bridal Salon

Fully equipped and accessorized brides’ beauty salon designated for the female graduates of Migdal Ohr. It provides the bride with all the required services for the most special day of her life: a bride’s dress, make-up, hair stylists, and more. The services are given by professionals who volunteer, and by graduates of Migdal Ohr in an enchanting and pampering atmosphere. 

We have been working for more than 45 years to help more and more Israeli children grow and develop, to give them the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty and provide them an equal opportunity to successfully become part of Israeli society

To dream of a future and make their dream a reality  

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