Ohr Yisraeli

An Israeli youth movement whose president is Israel Prize recipient, Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman. The movement was founded based on a vision and ambition to provide the younger generation with better tools and methods, both social and ideological, to empower the next generation. These include values such as politeness, respect for parents, respect for one’s fellow man, the willingness to contribute and a love of Israel – all of which are an inseparable part of the Ohr Israeli youth movement.

The youth movement established by the Israel Prize laureate, Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman, with the aim of providing youth at risk with a supplementary educational framework for the afternoon, as a substitute for wandering the streets in vain, while imparting tools and values. 

The movement has 120 branches throughout the country in the periphery and development towns, where more than 7,000 youth take part in the movement’s ongoing activities. 

Most of the graduates of the Ohr Yisraeli youth movement receive tools for a fundamental change in their lives. From a situation of “sitting on the bars,” many of them turn to significant military service or complete their studies.

Over a decade of social activities for Israeli youth
More than 1,000 hours of study in enrichment classes and recreational activities per year
Branches spread across the country with new branches opening all the time by demand
Youth active in the Ohr Yisraeli youth movement in an afternoon complementary educational framework

Our Activities

Around Israel

An important aspect of our activities in the Ohr Yisraeli youth movement is increasing knowledge and familiarity with Israel and its historical sites. Movement members enjoy group consolidation experiences, learn the history of Jerusalem, Tzfat, the Galilee and the Negev.

At Leisure

One of our primary values, and also that of the youth leaders, is the personal relationship that each and every one of our members deserves.

During afternoon activities in the various branches the Ohr Yisraeli  members enjoy joint social activities which strengthen cooperation. In addition, our youth leaders are always there to listen to the youth and provide them with support when needed.

Community Involvement

Members of Or Israeli know that when one is given something by society, then something must be given back to society in return. We believe in the power of our youth to influence and to encourage change. During the year, our members are involved in charity and social work for the elderly and the needy in the areas they live.

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