For The Future Of Israel

The life of Rabbi Yitzhak Grossman is intertwined with a wide variety of activities in the areas of education, welfare, immigrant absorption, bringing together secular and religious people, and more. His activity over the years focuses on the integration of weaker populations in Israeli society while providing an opportunity to create a more egalitarian and healthy society. This activity has an important and significant contribution to the unity of Israel and its future.

The Father Of The Prisoners

Rabbi Grossman dedicates his life to youth at-risk, with the understanding that supporting and caring for the children’s childhood stages is the key to building their future. For this purpose, Rabbi Grossman visits juvenile prisons, where he accompanies the juvenile offenders while in prison and in their integration into society after they leave prison. Migdal Ohr, founded by Rabbi Grossman, works to help all those released prisoners find a source of income and a warm home for the rest of their lives. Rabbi Grossman began his extensive activity for youth at risk in the early 1970s when he began to visit various prisons in Israel. Where he met the youth and adult prisoners and began to slowly rehabilitate them. This rehabilitation process quickly became an organized rehabilitation program that operates throughout the prisons in Israel.

Immigrant Absorption

Rabbi Grossman is also unique in his efforts to absorb immigrants from Ethiopia and the Soviet Union. The Rabbi invests heavily in nurturing relations with the new immigrants in home visits and at the beginning of their steps in Israel. Many families are responsible for their absorption and rapid absorption in Israel.

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