Rabbi Yitchak Dovid Grossman

A father to thousands of children in Israel

The President of Migdal Ohr Institutions and the head of Rabbi Grossman Enterprises, Rabbi Grossman’s special character and his deep-rooted love of Israel and the Jewish people implanted in him the desire to devote himself to bringing people closer together and to educate youth at-risk. The Rabbi makes significant and important contributions towards unifying the Jewish people and devotes much time and energy in the fields of education, welfare and social issues.

Milestones in the life and works of Rabbi Grossman​


Worked in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Jerusalem and established, in Jerusalem an educational institution for underprivileged children.


Moved to Migdal HaEmek and began his extensive educational work.


Chosen to be Chief Rabbi of Migdal HaEmek.


Cornerstone for a home for homeless children laid in Migdal HaEmek.


Is awarded the Love of Israel Award by the President of Israel, Chaim Hertzog and Prime Minister Menachem Begin.


Is awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Paratroopers Unit Liberators of Jerusalem Foundation.


Is awarded the Shield of Tolerance by the Speaker of the Knesset.

Absorption of Ethiopian immigrants from Solomon’s Operation begins at the Migdal Ohr educational campus.


Established Migdal Ohr Institutions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and began absorbing immigrants from the Soviet Union at the Migdal HaEmek educational campus.


Was awarded an honorary doctorate by Yeshiva University in New York.


Completed construction of the Maor Israel High School.


Initiates Chag Saveah for the Children in which food parcels are distributed  for needy families throughout the country in Passover & Rosh Hashana


Was awarded an honorary doctorate by Bar Ilan University.

Provides a warm and encouraging place for 700 IDF soldiers to rest during the Second Lebanese War.


Rabbi Grossman is awarded the prestigious Caring Award by the Caring Institute of America.


Opens an educational therapy youth village, Zoharim, that offers young people a warm and accepting home and a new direction in life.


Was ordained as a rabbi by the Chief Rabbis of Israel: Rabbi Iser Onterman and Rabbi Yitzhak Nissim.


Meets distressed youth who have fallen to crime in the discos and clubs of Migdal HaEmek and instills hope in them. Because of this he became known as the “Disco Rabbi”.


The Migdal Ohr school opens its doors in Migdal HaEmek with its first 18 students and quickly grows into a nationwide educational network.


Is awarded the Rabbi Aryeh Levin Prisoners Father Award.


Establishes children’s day care centers and begins construction of a village for foster families.


Established centers for young girls, the Talmud Torah School and opens the gates of the Machshevah grade school.


Took part in the operation to bring Yemenites immigrants to Israel and their absorption in the education campus. 


Worked with Jewish youth in France and brought them to Israel


Opens a medical center for students at the Migdal Ohr campus 


Opens a sports center on the Main Boys Campus.


Establishes the Ohr Yisraeli youth movement that has a membership of some 8,000 youth in 160 branches.


Was awarded the Israel Prize for his life’s work – his special contribution to the country and society.


Was awarded a Medal of Distinction and Merit by Youth Aliyah and lit one of 12 beacons at the Memorial Day for the Fallen Soldiers of Israel and Victims of Terrorism ceremony on Herzl Mount in Jerusalem.


Opens an academic center, the Ultra-Orthodox Campus for Excellence, for the ultra-orthodox community in Gan Yavne.


Awarded the Presidential Medal of Honor by the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres.

Awards & Prizes

Israel Prize for Life’s Work

“Through his life’s work, Rabbi Yitzhak Dovid Grossman is an example and symbol to all of the power inherent in consistent and intensive work in the field of education and a true dedication to one’s fellow man and the people of Israel without boundaries or borders.”

(Judges panel: Judge Sarah Parish (retired), Mr. Avner Shalev (Chairman), Proff. Yosef Tamir ,2004)

Presidential Medal of Honor

“Rabbi Grossman – you are a lighthouse carrying the light of hope to hundreds of thousands of needy and distressed children. The Migdal Ohr framework which you founded is, in many cases, the last hope for many young people to realize their potential”

(Mr. Shimon Peres, President of Israel, 2014) 

Other Awards:

 Doctor of honour

Aliyat HaNoar notable

Tolerance prize

Doctor of honour

Love of Israel award

The Prisoners Father award

Torah Distributing award

Man of the Year - USA

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