“Zoharim” Youth Village

The Zoharim Youth Village is an educational therapy youth village established to accept youth from the ultra-orthodox community, between the ages of 14 – 18, who are unable to find their place in regular ultra-orthodox educational frameworks. Students at the Zoharim Youth Village learn practical professions such as carpentry, agriculture, therapeutic horseback riding and also benefit from an education fostering values and a rich curriculum adapted to their needs and background.

Today's Youth -
The Citizens of Tomorrow

Zoharim Youth Village caters to youth from the ultra-orthodox community who are unable to find their place in regular ultra-orthodox educational frameworks. The village aims to give the young people a warm, home environment, guidance and life tools so that, when they become adults, they will become honest citizens who contribute to Israeli society.

The majority will take and pass their matriculation exams, will serve in the IDF and later on, build their future and choose the life style that most suits them –  ideological, spiritual and professional.

A Family For All

The youth who come to the village find a warm home and a loving staff, who receive, listen and extend a supportive hand. In the village, the youth receive appropriate treatment and value education, and enjoy a rich and varied curriculum. From here, they will be able to embark on a new path of creation, work and contribution to society and the state. The majority of them will pass the matriculation exams, serve in the IDF and later build their future and fulfill every dream.

The youths are surrounded by professionals from the fields of education and therapy, educators and instructors who see the goals as their personal mission to help the youth. These staff members, who live in the village together with their families, work day and night to help the boys, to strengthen them, to provide as an alternative supportive family environment, as an exemplary example.

Quality Education & Values

The students learn in a preparatory format for a full matriculation certificate and study subjects such as English, mathematics, science, language, literature, Talmud, agriculture, etc. The students also enjoy a wide range of extracurricular activities such as drama, painting, carpentry, The students also have a variety of additional enrichment classes and classes, such as music lessons, martial arts, combat fitness and more.

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The Zoharim Youth Village spreads over a large expanse of 40 acres in a valley full of green fields, vineyards and woods
Of Zoharim Youth Village graduates successfully complete their studies and gain a full matriculation certificate
Of Zoharim youth village graduates enlist in IDF combat units and have a meaningful army service
Students live and learn at the Zoharim youth village where the enjoy a first-class education

A Therapeutic Horse Farm

At the therapeutic horse farm in the village, the boys learn experientially how to handle the horses when everyone gets a horse for treatment, training and cultivation. The intense experience of horse care contributes a lot to the continuation of life and enhances self-confidence.

The horse ranch provides the students with a unique specialization which, on the one hand, provides them with training as therapeutic riding instructors that will allow them to deal with it in the future and on the other hand receive emotional empowerment, contribution to their physical well being and a wide range of educational, social, emotional and behavioral aspects.

The method of therapeutic education helps develop personal skills as well as an opportunity to improve students’ self-confidence and self-esteem. Riding and controlling the horse contributes to strengthening personal security, increasing motivation, coping with difficulties, fears, failures and victories.

Land Of Opportunity

The students take an active part in the village’s ongoing activities and work in various frameworks in the village. Develop and cultivate the agricultural farm or working in the vineyards are part of daily at Zoharim.

The work of the land is part of the village’s educational and therapeutic process. This approach creates full involvement of students in maintaining and cultivating the village. The students learn to appreciate the environment in which they live, cultivate and take care of the environmental needs, and receive guidance and training for employment and a profession in the continuation of their civic path.

Alumni House

A warm home to which the village graduates can return at any time. The home gives its graduates a sense of belonging, security and recognition that the village and the administrative team continues and accompanies them all along the way as a “family” for everything.

The graduates of the Zoharim Youth Village enlist in military service after completing their studies in the village, but many of them have nowhere to go during holidays and or when on leave. For this purpose, the Alumni House was established, which provides graduates with a sense of  stability that accompanies the graduates as they leave the village to continue their adult life path, from enlistment to military service to liberation, academic studies.

Adopt A Soldier

91% of the village’s graduates are enlisted in combat and meaningful service in the IDF The Adopt a Soldier Program is intended for graduates of the village who are enlisted and in need of assistance and financial support.

The students of the village learn to recognize the importance of giving to others and the environment and are educated from the perspective that every citizen must return to the country, contribute to it and be a partner in it. The students undergo training and preparation for military service out of the belief that this is the key to their success in their civilian lives after service. The students enjoy combat fitness training, navigating, consolidation days and tours, and more. All these instill in students a great motivation, values ​​for Zionism and leadership, and prepare the students for service in terms of physical fitness.

Business Entrepreneurship

As a complementary step towards their civic life, the students are introduced to the world of business. The students receive training in the cultivation and production of oil, wine, carpentry and other fields. They create their own products in cooperation with leading companies.

Made In Zoharim

As part of the study program in the village, students enjoy entrepreneurship and business development classes. As part of their studies, the village markets a wide range of products produced by the students of the village Zoharim in cooperation with leading producers in the market such as Machak Achiya, Psagot Winery and more.

The students take an active part in the production and marketing of the products as part of a study program aimed at developing and training the students, integrating them into society, leadership and success.

Zoharim offers a wide range of products and gifts, all of whose income is dedicated to nurturing, educating and supporting the students of the village. The purchase of the products allows the growth of the village and provides an opportunity to realize the potential inherent in each student.

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